Becoming a tech-savvy senior

Seniors in a digital world can be easily overwhelmed by all the new technology around us. We are surrounded by an array of digital devices, whether its smartphones, social media, tablets, banking machines, or laptops. There’s no avoiding it, so we should learn how to use all these technological advances to make life easier. Learn How To Become A Tech-Savvy Senior in 10 Days here.

If you are struggling to learn at your own pace, there are also face-to-face workshops and events for older Aussies to learn about new technology where you can join for free. Check out these events from ReadyTechGo and sign up if you like!

Technology is now part of our daily lives. It’s central to how we communicate and stay connected to each other socially and as a community. One of the biggest misconceptions is that people over 60 are out of touch with technology. The truth is, with some personalised assistance to get started, many people over 60 are getting real benefits from joining the “digital world”, including finding new friendships, building a support network, learning new things and having fun!

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