Becoming a grey nomad

The term grey nomad was popularised following the 1997 Australian documentary Grey Nomads, which captured the phenomenon of older travellers who made their homes wherever they parked. 

Plan before you go

Becoming a grey nomad is very liberating. Many of those dreary everyday tasks such as mowing the lawn, trimming the hedges, vacuuming the lounge room and cleaning the windows fade into distant memories. Here are some tips before you go on your adventure: Planning Before You Go 

Hitch up your caravan

Before you hit the road, checking everything’s safe and secure is vital before setting off on any caravan trip. Whether you’re an experienced grey nomad or heading off on your first caravanning trip, you should work up a check-list of things you need to inspect before driving off. Here is a checklist for your reference: How To Hitch Up Your Caravan 

Life on the road

Whether you’re venturing through the countryside or caravanning along the coast, life on the road has the potential to be a non-stop, fun-filled adventure – but only if you’ve planned ahead. If you’re preparing to leave suburbia behind to try your hand at living in a caravan permanently, these tips will ensure you’re ready for the journey ahead: Top Tips For Life On The Road 

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