Thank You 2019, Hello 2020

new year

This time of the year tends to get busy and it’s easy to let good habits slide. Even if there’s plenty of festive eating over the next few weeks, you can still stay on track by making sure you and your family are eating well the rest of the time and staying active. Check out these tips for a healthy holiday: Top Tips For Healthy, Happy Holidays 

You will most likely have to give your parents a little something, if not from you, then definitely from the kids. Shopping for nan and pop can be a little tricky. Older men and women have everything they need; the best gifts help your older parents and grandparents feel close to you. These gifts for elderly mothers and fathers, ageing parents and creaky grandparents will make both you and them happy as pie: 30 Delightful Gifts for Elderly Parents Who Have Everything 

A New Year represents an opportunity for new beginnings. While the tradition of setting goals at the start of the year is a great way to give ourselves the energy and commitment we need to prioritise, it’s also a great way to help our parents to press the reset button on their lives they feel need improving or changing. Check out these New Year Resolutions For Seniors to help them get started. 

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