Easy gardening ideas for the elderly

Gardening has many health and therapeutic benefits for older people, especially edible gardening. Garden beds, equipment and tools can all be modified to create a garden that is interesting, accessible and productive: Gardening for old people

Gardening has many health and therapeutic benefits for older people and is a stimulating physical activity that many older people can continue to enjoy. However, some medical conditions and physical disabilities may restrict or prevent older people from participating in gardening. With planning and a few changes, you can create a safe, accessible and pleasant space. Here are some tips to make gardening easier again:

Do a little bit at a time

Do gardening a little bit at a time so you don’t get too tired. Half an hour of clipping in the morning and another half an hour in the evening is better than one hour all at once.

Install an automatic watering system

Consider having an automatic watering system installed. This will save you a lot of work in watering and pulling that hose along: Designing an irrigation system

Lift the pot plants up

If you have pot plants, have them up on a chair, bench or table when planting them to save bending over. Heavy pots can be placed on a pot stand with wheels to save you lifting when they need to be moved.

Install a proper chair in the garden

Install a chair rather than a backless bench to sit on in the garden while you are out there. This will give you a rest between jobs and you’ll enjoy the garden more.

Raise garden beds

Raised garden beds are ideal for seniors who find bending over difficult, but make sure they are not too wide to reach across. Climbing up on them is not a good idea. Raised garden bed benefits

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