Common excuses to avoid talking about your funeral

Death is inevitable, yet there are still a lot of people avoiding the topic of death. Here are some common excuses, are you guilty of them?

I don’t want to think about my death

It’s important to think about what happens if you leave your funeral plans to the last minute. When death becomes a more realistic proposition and we’re confronted with our own mortality, it can be a challenge to talk about these important issues. Rather than discussing them with family members or friends, many people avoid their fear of death by sidestepping the subject, leaving them unprepared at the end of their lives. By starting to talk about death, we can ensure this isn’t the case.

I don’t care what happens after I die

Nobody likes to think about their own death. However, there are a number of advantages to beginning to contemplate what you would want from a memorial service and how you’re going to finance it. Often, planning ahead can leave you in a better financial position, make you feel more secure and help to ensure your funeral is exactly how you would like it to be: [Infographic] Benefits Of Pre-planning Funeral Arrangements

My family know my wishes

Organising a funeral is difficult, especially when one is grieving. If you haven’t recorded your wishes anywhere, even if your family knows your wishes, they could still feel overwhelmed and confused trying to remember your wishes among the surge of grief. Sometimes this even causes turmoil and family disagreements during this painful time. It’s much more considerate and economical to plan for your own arrangements in advance. In fact, it’s a gift you give your family in their time of need.

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