Alternative holiday destinations in Australia

Still thinking about your New Year’s resolutions? Why not resolve to see more of Australia?

Pink lakes

It’s one thing when you see the photos; it’s something else when you see it with your own eyes. There are over ten pink lakes in Australia, and depending on the season, time of day and cloud coverage, you could get colours from red to pink and even to lilac purple.

westgate pink lake

Pink lake in Westgate, Melbourne. Shutterstock

Aurora Australis

Seeing the northern lights in all their vivid glory nears the top of many travellers’ bucket lists. But there is no need to travel all that way if seeing the aurora phenomena is on your bucket list. We have the southern lights, otherwise known as aurora australis, right here in our backyard.

Many people don’t know that all of Tasmania is equally a good spot to see the lights, as long as you find a spot away from all light with a clear view (no trees, mountains, etc) to the South. The other Australian states are likely to see the “top” of the aurora seen in Tassie, but these same viewing suggestions apply everywhere. Find out more about the southern lights here: Aurora Australis – Southern Lights Tasmania

Aurora Australis at Cloudy Bay, Tasmania. Shutterstock


You may have been to the Great Barrier Reef before, but did you know you can sleep on it? Reefsleep is a two-day one-night encounter with the Great Barrier Reef – a unique, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to fall asleep to the calming sounds of the Great Barrier Reef in a swag.

Cruise Whitsundays offers reef sleep experience, and if you are going with them, here are some tips that might be useful for you: Top 5 tips for reefsleep

Sleep under the star at the Great Barrier Reef. Photo credit: Cruise Whitsundays

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