Australians are increasingly likely to look for jobs outside their usual industry, according to new figures from LinkedIn

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  • LinkedIn has found Australian job seekers are more likely to apply for a job outside an industry they are in.
  • This is especially the case for people in industries hardest hit by COVID-19 restrictions, such as travel and recreation.
  • People in the travel and recreation industry are five times more likely to look for a job in another sector. 

Australians are looking outside their current industries for new jobs.

New data from LinkedIn has found Aussie job seekers are currently 1.4 times more likely than usual to apply for a job outside the industry they are in. It comes as Australian businesses begin to reopen following coronavirus restrictions and people start looking for new jobs.

People in industries most affected by the coronavirus were more likely to apply for jobs in other industries – particularly those in the travel and recreation sectors. Workers in these industries were 5.2 times more likely to find jobs elsewhere, followed by those in consumer goods industries (1.5 times) and education and hardware sectors (1.4 times).

“Hiring is stabilising in Australia as movement restrictions begin to relax, however it will likely take some time before we get back to the levels of hiring growth we saw before the pandemic hit,” Adam Gregory, Senior Director of APAC Talent Solutions at LinkedIn Australia, said in a statement.

“A big part of the labour market recovery will be transitioning workers from industries that have been hard hit by the crisis into new and different roles.”

LinkedIn’s findings come after Australia’s official unemployment rate reached 7.1% in May. During that month, 90,000 full time roles and 130,000 part time jobs were axed.

Earlier in June, job site Seek found Australia’s jobs market was starting to pick up. Seek found job ads rose 60.6% in the fortnight ending June 7, as business started to reopen.

LinkedIn’s latest research also looked into workplace confidence, with those in the education sector having a drop in confidence over their career outlook.

While all generations are feeling more positive when it comes to their career prospects, Gen Xers and Millennials were the most hopeful. Baby boomers and Gen Z on the other hand, had the least confidence in their economic and job prospects.

When looking into the future, Millennials and Gen Z feel more confident that their financial situation will improve in the next six months.

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