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Dealing with life issues without support can be extremely stressful; that’s why we’ve created Serenity Circle – a support circle for the community who deals with these life stresses every day. Serenity Circle provides resources and support from the like-minded people to anyone that may need immediate support or assistance with current and future life planning events. We aim to empower the community from professions such as solicitors, social or healthcare workers; to groups and organisations such as rotary, government departments, and nursing homes, with the latest industry news and up to date knowledge to assist them and the people they deal with every day.

Serenity Circle is a community platform to serve each other; so we encourage people to contribute their stories and experience to a broader audience. Sharing on our platform not only provides the community a chance to voice their opinions online, but it also helps to create a sense of belonging and value to the community. As they say, sharing is caring, and we strive to make this as easy as possible for everyone in the industry to add value to the community.

We pride ourselves with the power of informative conversations on our platform and are always seeking out ways to bring our community the best information on current industry news. Our extensive resources range from trending stories, easy to use tips, to current industry information. These are carefully written and curated to ensure the selected topics stay relevant to our daily life.

Be sure to check in regularly as we’ll be updating the site with latest industry news and articles constantly. Alternatively, you can head over to our social media channels to keep up to date with new articles or information.

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If you have an opinion to share or an idea for a story, get in touch with us at hello@serenitycircle.com.au to become part of the conversation.

If you’d like to work with us on an epic campaign for your brand or organisation, please write to sales@serenitycircle.com.au. We are open for discussion

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